For Entrepreneurs

As a business owner, CEO or executive, there are some issues and challenges that only other executives and business owners can relate to and understand. The Northwest Indiana Entrepreneurs Master Mind Group is a peer advisory group that brings together successful business leaders who can share insights and expertise, and navigate challenging decisions with the guidance of a professionally trained and experienced Facilitator.

As a Facilitator, Michael is committed to helping group members navigate real issues and arrive at effective solutions through facilitated group discussions and 1:1 coaching sessions. By keeping discussions focused and ensuring that members feel both accountable and free to express themselves, Michael ensures that members have an outlet for discussion, the needed perspective and support of others with shared experiences, and actionable plans to address the problems they face in the real world.

The Group Works

“No one understands what it’s like to be an entrepreneur – unless you are one. No one can possibly understand the importance of the decisions we make, the pressure we feel, and the responsibilities on our shoulders unless they’ve lived it. Ask any successful entrepreneur about the phrase “It’s lonely at the top” and they’ll tell you exactly what that means to them, because they live it every day. That’s why business owners and CEOs feel such a bond with others like them. It’s because we understand what it’s like. We get it.

When groups of business owners and CEOs meet, there’s a certain level of comfort in knowing that those around us experience what we do on a daily basis. The challenges we face, the opportunities we consider, and the decisions we must make, and the successes we enjoy all unite us. But not all CEOs and business owners are equal. Some of us are more successful. Some of us focus on growing our companies and ourselves. Some of us reject the status quo and are determined to achieve the highest levels of personal and business success. If this describes you, then, as an entrepreneur, you might be right for the NW Indiana Entrepreneurs Master Mind Group, a private peer advisory group for the most successful CEOs and business owners. But our Master Mind Group isn’t for everyone. Only the most successful get invited to join.

Being a part of our Master Mind Group in unlike any other experience a CEO or business owner can have. Our group is comprised of peers who understand you, who help you be more successful, who help you make the best choices and decisions possible, and who hold you accountable. They are peers who want to see you be your best.”