Joesten Change Management

Disturb the Comfortable and Comfort the Disturbed

Is your business operating in a comfort zone? 

If it is, you’re in big trouble.

The good news is you can guide and direct your business into whatever it is you want. It’s not easy, and there are very specific challenges along the way.

Joesten Change Management specializes in organizational development and change consulting that helps business leaders through this process. Working with Joesten Change Management will allow you to:

  • Decide where you want to be
  • Identify where you are now
  • Determine what needs to be changed to get there              
  • Manage the discomfort along the way

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How do You Know if You’re in a Comfort Zone?

A good place to start answering this question is to look at how you operate. Are you operating essentially the same way you have for the last two, seven or 11 years? Sure, you’ve made some changes such as new people or technology upgrades, but these aren’t the things that fundamentally control your business. If the way you operate hasn’t evolved, you’re likely in a comfort zone.

I know of people who prided themselves on running their business in the comfort zone. They are no longer in business. One bragged how he had been doing business the same way for 40 years and he planned to continue to run it the same way for another 40. The problem was his industry and customers weren’t the same as they were 40 years ago. The customers and industry changed, he didn’t, now he’s out of business.

Another former third generation business owner I know blamed outside circumstances for his demise. “I thought we were doing fine. Then one day our industry shifted and our business closed.” In today’s new economy, you can’t afford to rely on “fine.”  You have to deliver extreme value with a definite plan and backed by a specific purpose.

Joesten Change Management arms business leaders with the plan and purpose needed to move beyond the comfort zone and onto the path for sustainable growth and success.

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