Customized Employee Development Plans

Employers, Do You Want:

  1. Leaders who will create high value in your organization?
  2. Engaged employees who go above and beyond, without being told to?
  3. Lower employee turnover?

Customized Development Plan

One size does not fit all! Organizations fall down when they approach development with “too wide of a brush”. Sr. Leadership may say, “Our people need better communication skills” or “No one holds anyone accountable, so our people need to be better at accountability”.

While this may be true for some, it’s not true for everyone. And, they may need something even more than communication or accountability.

The only way to get the very best out of your team is to treat and respect them as the individuals that they are, and give them the appropriate resources they need to develop.

What is Development?

Development is providing your team the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge that the world requires of them that they currently don’t possess.

The outside demands on your business never end. Customer’s, employee’s, and other stake-holder’s goals, challenges, and objectives are always evolving. Your team’s ability to adapt to the evolving world is proportionate to their ability to develop.

Proven Solution

Joesten Change Management delivers a proven comprehensive and in-depth assessment process to create customized leadership and personal development plans for your team members. This system will create a Win/Win/Win for your organization. Your employee wins by having a clear path and actionable steps towards their individual career, leadership, and development goals. Your organization wins by retaining high value creating, and highly engaged employees. You win by having a team of people who feel fulfilled and accomplished working towards a purposeful goal; and they have you to thank for it.

Meet Bill

Bill started a new position as a manager trainee understanding that in about 2 years he would be ready to assume a management role. After about 4 months of settling into the role, Bill was frustrated that there was no structure to his development. He was told to do the technical things required in the department, and was given training on how to “do the job” he was currently in. As for development, actually learning all the different elements that went into being a successful manager, Bill received no guidance or feedback.

Another 4 months went by and Bill’s frustration and uncertainty grew. Bill was successful in the current role he filled, but in his mind it wasn’t leading anywhere. When he asked his supervisor, Bill was told not to worry and that he was doing a great job; the more he asked, the more he felt brushed off. Bill finally decided something had to give; either his employer had to get more clear about development, or Bill would have to leave the company and find one with more direction.

Following the Joesten Change Management Personalized Development Plan, Bill’s supervisor, coworkers, and colleagues collaborated to see where Bill’s development opportunities were. What Bill received was very specific next level training to create skills he was lacking, re-focused training to continue to perform at a high level in his current role, a coaching agenda with mindset shifts, and clear expectations about milestones and check points.

More importantly, Bill received a renewed energy towards his career. With more clarity and specific actionable steps, Bill feels much more confident and purposeful in his own development. He’s even taking extra steps on his own time (and at his own expense) to even further develop. He went from a good employee to a highly engaged and high value creating employee.