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What is Proactive Structural Change?

Proactive Structural change is the deliberate process of creating new and different internal thoughts, feelings and actions and, or external conditions, circumstances and environments, designed to improve results based on specific desires.

By and large, our days run on auto pilot.  We are creatures of habit and our habits are responsible for the results we get in our lives.  So to create a real change in results we must adopt new habits.  Our habits are tied directly to our thoughts, feelings and actions; so these must change in order to change our habits.  We have complete control over our thoughts, feelings and actions which is why this type of change takes place inside of us.

Sometimes, however, what’s going on inside of us is effective but our outside conditions, circumstances and environment may be counter productive.  It’s been said that if all you have is a hammer, then all your problems look like nails.  What if you finally come to the realization that the problem in front of you is not a “nail” but rather a “screw”.  Externally, your “hammer” is not going to solve the problem.  You must make a fundamental change and create a new “screwdriver” (condition, circumstance or environment).

All of this change needs to be on purpose to be most effective.  Wants and desires are imperative to making purposeful change.  If there is no desire, there is no incentive to make the change.  Without desire, our current results become satisfactory and we have no reason to change our habits.